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What makes us, us.

Our vision is to achieve integrity of food supply chains. Respect is the basis of all of our external and internal relationships. Diverse knowledge, experience and backgrounds provide greater opportunity for problem solving: the issue is too big to rest with one dominant way of thinking. At Sumfood we are relentless in pursuing an improved food system. Our objectives are ambitious, but we believe in our team and the need for positive change.

Sumfood admits that food supply chains are broken with most of the investment on how to fix problems such as poor quality, unsafe food, food fraud being concentrated at the producer end. Whilst not a bad thing, we argue an impartial voice for the consumer is needed.

We believe that the consumer is the most important part of the supply chain, but yet the consumer has very little voice and, until now, very little opportunity to make change. Sumfood is working to make it easy for consumers to raise problems and provide feedback to the food system. We then turn that into valuable insights for producers, or other parts of the food chain, so the whole system is improved.

Ultimately we are driven to restore integrity into our food system.

Our Team