What makes us, us.

Sumfood is a company that cares about food - and the people who eat it. We are a consumer driven food quality community. It is our mission to build food integrity between consumers and producers using a range to technical and communication tools.


Our vision is to achieve integrity of food supply chains.


We don’t differentiate between individuals, we don’t differentiate between companies – everyone should have access to safe foods, and all food companies should be working hard to provide it.

We analyse data, verify the results with other sources and present information that we can stand behind. We welcome debate and challenges – through engaging about process and analyses we will all improve.

We are fearless in presenting results. Our independence is concrete and will not be compromised. If results or information we present are unpopular, we will be open to discussion but we will not bend to pressure to change our results without robust evidence.


Respect is the basis to all of our external and internal relationships.


We will not use social media to berate, belittle or bully. We will actively call out those behaviors when we see them.

We treat each other with respect; in turn we expect respectful relationships from our partners. Rudeness is unacceptable.


Diverse knowledge, experience and backgrounds provide greater opportunity for problem solving: the issue is too big to rest with one dominant way of thinking.


We actively seek out different ways of thinking. Our team will continue to build on our diverse range of skills and experience.

We aim to provide future scholarship opportunities for students to study both data science and food science – our criteria for selection will reflect our belief in different backgrounds, volunteer activity, life experiences, etc.

Where possible we will offer internships to enable those entering the workforce to experience our particular team environment – we will look for students with Arts, Science, and Humanities backgrounds.

All public fora we operate will be based on equal male/female representation.


We don’t give up – we are relentless in pursuing an improved food system.


We will make mistakes and hit the odd brick wall. We will not let that stop us; we will regroup, strategize and set off again to find the answer. Transparency is a noble objective and will not be easy to attain. We understand that and are in this for the long-haul.

We support each other through times of frustration and doubt – we know obstacles will be placed in front of us and we also know that with combined effort and strength we will overcome these. We have each other’s backs.


Our objectives are ambitious.


We are courageous. We know innovation can scare and we know we have a responsibility to demystify what we are doing. We understand that some will react negatively to our endeavours through their own lack of knowledge we will work hard to explain and provide transparency to our processes.

We will make enemies. Currently, there are those in the food system who do not want increased transparency. They will not like what we are doing. We will persist.