Dr. Gyorgy Pirok | Sumfood

Sumfood's Hungarian import, Gyorgy brings an extra dimension to the team. His PhD at Budapest University of Technology amalgamated chemical engineering and software development to resolve challenges that cross industries of agriculture and food production. Gyorgy cut his teeth developing innovative software for companies such as ChemAxon in Budapest. He led the development of truly game changing technology, now adopted globally in pharmaceutical and food research industries. Luckily for us, Gyorgy has now settled with his family in Auckland where he has been involved in a number of development projects building software for the prediction of drug metabolism to now food systems and food production.

Gyorgy's passion for applying technological solutions to age-old issues is effervescent, he truly adds a spark to our small team. When not working on innovative solutions to seemingly impossible problems Gyorgy loves to spend time exploring New Zealand's coastline with his family, scenes like Piha beach or Rangitoto Island are truly unique and very different to anything discoverable back in Hungary. We are proud to say he is very nearly a full blown kiwi, the only trouble is his love for paprika is yet to wane for our kiwifruit!