Richard Gill | Sumfood

“It’s better with a little salt.”

Keeper of Sumfood’s entrepreneurial flame, Richard started his first company before he could drive a car. Ideas emit off the Christchurch native like solar flares from the sun. Richard’s interest in the latest gadgetry isn’t unusual for a tech guy, but his passion for using advanced technologies to help solve real world problems is. Between nibbles of blue cheese, brie and smoked salmon on wholegrain crackers with a glass of Central Otago Pinot Noir or a nice Californian Zinfandel he’s helped unlock the potential of others throughout his career as a mentor, advisor and consultant. At Sumfood, he’s a personal trainer for the path forward.

Unlike Silicon Valley’s generation of whiz kids turned maladjusted adults, Richard’s unaffected nature and commitment to the success of others stems from his parents. In his own words, “My mother was a hugely accomplished and energetic person who pushed against the limitations of society to promote the welfare of the under-represented, under-privileged and downtrodden, while inspiring others to reach for a higher calling. My dad was a quiet, deep thinker who remained calm in a storm and touched the lives of ordinary people through his simple, supportive acknowledgments and quietly shared wisdom … I think I was adopted.”

We’ll raise a glass of your favourite whisky and politely say, "Yeah. Nah."