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Posted in Food Systems, In The News on Jul 01, 2016

A conference in Auckland next month is aimed at closing gaps in food integrity in New Zealand-China trade.

The inaugural Food Integrity Conference, on July 13-14, will have overseas and local speakers addressing food integrity and safety in food exporting and producing industries. The conference organiser, Dr Helen Darling, who directs the Asia Pacific Centre for Food Integrity, says NZ can have a global role in leading food safety and security.

"We need to avoid everyone reinventing the wheel. NZ is a small country and to be competitive in the international marketplace we need to share knowledge and leadership." She says though NZ does a great job in food safety and food traceability, gaps exist in the total supply chain.

The conference will also tell the NZ story to Chinese consumers, who hold NZ dairy products in high regard. "We are proactive in telling our story and do better than some of our competitors in China," says Darling.

Food Safety Minister Jo Goodhew will open the event. Topics for discussion will include food fraud and food terrorism. Rachael Speedy, managing director of NZ Premium Foods, will speak on 'Building reputation: building brand across borders', with Brendan Hoare of Organics NZ.

Says Speedy, "The conference [will draw] like minded people to discuss the issues facing the food and beverage industry locally and globally. There are many opportunities for developing food and beverage export markets, particularly in China and with online platforms."

Overseas speakers will include Col. John Hoffman, US, retired from a 31 year military career, and now with the Food Protection and Defence Institute at Minnesota University.

Others will include: Sonia Bradley, World Bank global food safety programme; Professor Wu, chief scientist, China National Centre of Food Risk Assessment, Beijing; and Kevin Wang, editor-in-chief, China Food Safety magazine.

Karl Ye, managing director, GMP Pharmaceuticals; Catherine Beard, executive director Export NZ; and Hamish Findlay, general manager, ESR Ltd, will discuss export opportunities.

As was published in Rural News Group on 15 June 2016

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