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Sumfood is a start-up that wants to change the world. The current food system is broken and we think the world can do better.

We are a group of dedicated data, food and business professionals based in New Zealand.

We are mobilising a community of consumers who care about food; where it comes from, how its produced and used. We provide information, knowledge and resources to consumers. Working with producers we share this information to enable them to make better choices and prevent waste and illness. People are getting sick from poor food practices, and huge amounts of food and resources are being wasted around the globe.

We gather understanding from our community who provide us with information about what consumers want or need, and from our data scientists who have developed a system to predict when food issues might arise for both consumers and producers. Join the Sumfood movement and help the world do better.

This week we're talking about food loss and waste

What is your food personality?

Eating habits and dietary preferences change – how would you define your food personality?

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Comfort food

Posted on Mar 21, 2019

On the 15th of March 2019 in Christchurch, New Zealand, the unthinkable happened: a gunman walked into two Mosques and murdered 50 peaceful worshippers and injured a further 50. The pain that one ‘individual’ inflicted across a nation and, more specifically and deeply, to the friends and families of those victims, is palpable. This blog is not the place for discussion of the events of 15 March but, as we reel from the horror of what has happened and feel helpless through our inability to ‘turn back time’ or relieve the suffering of so many, we turn to what we know in an attempt to find some level of solace. This blog is dedicated to a few stories of kindness (and food) in the hope that it may offer some support at a very dark time.

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Do we need to grow more or lose less?

Posted on Mar 13, 2019

In the blog post ‘the Tipping Point’ we wrote about transitions – from plentiful plastic bags in supermarkets to none, from murmurings about climate change to the shouts of young people, and from our ‘traditional’ sources of proteins to novel plant-based ones. In a similar vein; we are interested in when there will be a ‘tipping point’, or global, robust conversation about the amount of food the world wastes: specifically, the amount of food that is lost before it even gets to the consumer.

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Just because you can doesn't mean that you should

Posted on Mar 10, 2019

As a child, I remember being told that just because you could do something, doesn’t mean that you should do it – and sometimes dietary choices fall under this logic. A New Zealand newspaper reported this week about those ‘perennial favourites’: chocolate covered tarantulas. Perhaps not the best gift for the mother-in-law this Mothers’ Day.

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